Flirting God

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I see you,

Peeking out at me

From that foreboding cloud…

And, by the way,

That perfume is not fair

Especially since you change it every day

And now you smell like autumn leaves

And misty air.

And do not blink at me

Through limbs that throw their shadows on my wall

(However will my work get done?)

Or whisper in such husky tones

Before you say goodnight

And lay your fingers lightly on my eyes.

Have you not researched my life?

And therefore know I’m hardly nice to be around?

How can you claim me as your friend,

And look at me in silence with those starry eyes?

Stop tempting me to fall in love with you!

You know I’ve failed your every test!

My wickedness gets scorched to ashes

In the noontime of your focused lens

My cherished fears are all escaping from my grasp,

And now I’m looking forward to that leap into your arms!

So catch me, if you can!

–Joe LaGuardia 10-16-14Sun through Cloud

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