On the Edge of Autumn

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Season of greenfulness,

Riding on a blue planet

As it slowly tips away from the sun

And causes your green leaves

To undress themselves in the chemistry of fall

And show the colors hiding under chlorophyll.

Dear God, we wear our images so long and carefully,

As if to hide our true colors

From the embarrassing light of day;

And so we ask you—poised on the edge of fall

To let us tip our hearts closer to you

And let you deal with all our shame.

Your son forgave his murderers;

We know he will forgive us, too

(Do we even have to ask?)

So that we can cover others’ shame and hurt

With the colors of compassion

And so we pray: “Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.”


The weight of our pain and fear can overwhelm us, Lord;

We need you to flex your strong arms

And gently lift these burdens from us all

Then we will rest in you like autumn leaves on warm October ground,

And catalog and lend your colors to a weary world.

We start right now by praying: “Our Father…”


May the heat of God’s love

Penetrate our heads and hearts

So we may learn that we are loved

And that we ARE love

For those we meet each week.


Joe LaGuardiaAutumn leaves

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