Pastoral Prayer 11-6-16

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Dear Father whom we dare to call Ours, we know that election is about choosing.   We have many examples in Scripture of your choosing individuals like Abraham and Joseph and Elijah and Elisha, and Samuel and Solomon, and David, and Joseph and Mary, and Peter and Paul and a whole community called Israel. 

So toAutumn Leaves from Betsyday we ask you to choose us.  No.  We know from your Son and our Lord Jesus Christ that you have already chosen us.  We have come to believe that your Spirit works within and among us.  And so I guess we are asking you to re-choose us at this critical time in our nation’s history. 

You know our needs.  You know how we have fought for land as did that first community that you chose.  You know how we have deviated from our ideals and have been stingy with our love and have hated our enemies.  But we are still trying, dear Father, we are still repenting of our past sins.  We ask you to forgive us and paint for us once again a picture of the peaceable kingdom that your son can bring about. 

And now we lift up our prayers to you, as we say: “Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.”


If the lion and the lamb can and will lie down together, surely we of differing political opinions can co-exist and wish each other well.  Commit us to do good, to renew our determination to follow your Son’s Way, to follow BOTH of the great commandments, to acknowledge that we are brothers and sisters in Jesus. 

Because when we reflect on our history, when we review our blessings, when we remember our purple mountains’ majesty, when we see what good is being done by so many people, we are so grateful.  We see these things and people as sacraments of you.  We know that your Son did not pitch his tent among us to change your mind about us, but to change our mind about you—You who are our dear Lord, and our loving Father.


And so we pray: “Our Father…”

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