Spring Prayer 2014

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 Dear God, in our part of the country, spring comes with a lot ospringf expectations.  After a winter like the one just past, we expect spring to be warm, and SUNNY, rejuvenating and beautiful.   We want to work the soil and clean the house and get the road salt residue off of our cars.  It can be a terrible disappointment to find spring a muddy mess, with dreary days and chilly temperatures and snow still in the forecast. 

But we are just the same, aren’t we?  With all of our gifts and education and contacts, we often stand before you a muddy mess.  And so we take great consolation from reading the Scriptures that seem to indicate that you love muddy messes.  As a mother embraces a child who comes home bruised and dirty and crying, so you embrace us with all of our rumpled baggage, and give us much hope that the sun will soon peak through the clouds, the crocuses will bloom, the birds build their nests and—bolstered by your creative power—the world will move an inch closer to goodness.  This is our prayer, as we join you in that creative endeavor today.  Amen.

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