We Showed Up

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Something has brought us to this room today—something besides the entry in our calendars or the email reminding us or the items on the agenda.  Something long ago started us on a path that has led to this room.  It’s been a journey fraught with hardships, unexpected turns, maybe even some painful falls that brought our faces into contact with the dirt of our path.  Star for GPS PrayerBut we kept on. People lifted us up and supported us.  We believed this was the best road for us to travel.  We hoped we had something to offer, something unique, something transformative.  We may be weary now, but there was once a spark, and it wouldn’t take much to remember it and–if needed–rekindle it.  It is as ancient as fire, as a Passover to freedom,  as a journey from death to life.  It smolders at times, sends up pungent fumes at times, but is never extinguished.

So, OK: Someone has brought us to this room today, Someone who is often discovered in fire, and Whose warmth embraces us and those who stand near us.  Amen.

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