You Have Been a Light (1 John 1:7)

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You have been a light here,

People feel it like the warmth of sun on skin,

Sometimes casting shadows like an Ansel Adam’s photo

So that what before seemed unremarkable

Now stands appreciated and alive.

The word repeats two hundred fifty times and more

In Sacred Scripture,

Shining through the holy text

As if the God behind it wanted us to blink

At dazzling glimpses coming through the message of those words,

Enticing us to grasp what is behind and underneath

And is to come.

You’ve walked within the power and protection of that light,

Reflecting in your ministry the countless colors hidden and refracted there.

They say that some go trailing light

Leaving it behind as sparks and embers which, if tended well,

Will burn anew and transfer warmth to future travelers.

You have been and shared a light

And  John of old knew what to call it:


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